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Sunday, 2 October 2011

'Alphabet Soup': Isabel Greenberg Prints and Illustrations, The Haberdashery Cafe

A trip all the way up to North London is only endured for very special events, one such occurred last week, the opening of a little exhibition of Isabel Greenberg’s prints and illustrations. The work is on display in the endearingly cute Haberdashery Cafe in leafy Crouch End, incidentally shortlisted as one of London’s best coffee shops. Decorated with pretty bunting, vintage teacups and old school sweeties scattered about, it is the perfect setting for Issy’s characterful work.

At the opening, enthusiastic fans gathered in the cosy cafe to enjoy the collection of recent work while munching on crisps and sipping wine. The show is appropriately named ‘Alphabet Soup’ after one of the pieces that depicts various foods and drinks for each of the twenty-six letters, including J for jelly, K for ketchup and Z for zucchini! Intricately drawn, it is witty and intriguing like many of Issy’s creations. Also on show, are the brilliantly clever comics: cute stories and amusing anecdotes that I could ponder over for hours.

Issy’s work is ridiculously affordable, for the moment; once the wider world find out about it, it will surely go up in price - so definitely worth buying some now. I was most tempted by the fold-out prints designed for giving your shelves or bookcases a brand new look. Humorous, clever and beautifully drawn, they are imaginative and unique and would make the perfect gift.

This is a lovely cafe with some really lovely, lovely art. Go and see it at: The Haberdashery, 22 Middle Lane, Crouch End.

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