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Monday, 24 May 2010

Something Simple

There is nothing simple about this band's music. The songs they energetically perform are mostly their own creations and are a fusion of diverse influences from Bob Marley to Pendulum. Infectious melodies are entwined with bold bass lines and hearty brass parts. Occasionally audiences are also lucky enough to witness genius covers of classic favourites as part of their set.

Something Simple are an impressively large 8-piece band, with a sound that has gradually evolved as new members have joined. I knew the band when they first started out five years ago, producing a very different sound to now. Something Simple are unique on stage. Lead singer, Callum Monaghan has a phenomenal voice and great stage presence. Regular solos from each band member show the real depth of their talent - Olly Lowe on drums, Fabio De Oliveira on percussion, Lester Salmins bass and vocals, Greg Sanders guitar and vocals and Tom Shirm jumps between keyboard, guitar and vocals. Improvised solos from Leo Aarons-Richardson on sax and Alaric Taylor on Trumpet are particularly spine-tingling. Individually they are brilliant but the real magic is produced when you put them all together.

I have seen them a few times at The Good Ship in Kilburn. It’s quite a workout trying to battle your way to the front, to dance and sing with the band - the whole place grooving to their soulful sound. It is clear that they love to play, but don't believe me, go and see them for yourself.


Cambridge University St John's May Ball - June 15th

Glastonbury, Field of Avalon - Thursday June 24th 12-1am and Saturday June 26th 9-10 pm

The Good Ship, Kilburn - July 2nd


or watch them -

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