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Thursday, 27 May 2010

London's Elephant Parade

Three elephants, including a design by Lulu Guinness

Elephants are stomping throughout London. How many have you spotted? Working in Hyde Park Corner means I am greeted by them every day on my way to and from work, and then there is the whole family of them living in the park itself.

The public exhibition is known as an Elephant Parade, and similar events have previously taken place all over the world. It raises awareness and money for an important cause - the crisis faced by the endangered Asian elephant. Those art lovers who are especially keen can start their trail for the elephants (of which there are over 250) at The Scoop on the South Bank, where many of the elephants are displayed.

There are elephants for the fashionistas too - and with designers like Lulu Guinness designing for the cause there are some pretty groovy creatures out there. Outside Waterstone's in Notting Hill there is even a literary themed elephant, appropriately covered completely in words.

The real deal: a baby elephant

Our elephants are only with us until the 29th June when they go on sale at Sotheby's, so enjoy this chance to see these rare animals.

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