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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Going to Work in style...

What is your favourite day of the week? I would normally answer Friday, without hesitation...however, I'm beginning to change my mind. I find myself looking forward to Wednesday - the day that I excitedly retrieve my free Stylist magazine from the kind man at Hammersmith station.

Stylist magazine, now on its 31st issue, tackles a variety of topics, but is definitely geared more towards London's ladies. Fashion, food, beauty, politics and more are all discussed. Often they include interesting interviews and stories too. My favourite part is the double page 'Style List' at the front of the magazine, picturing 30 little gems, that are hot this week. In fact, this week I spotted a pretty gold necklace (worn by Carrie in SATC2!) and immediately went on the website to purchase one myself.

I came into work this morning (avec Stylist), and soon discovered that none of the girls in my office knew anything of this wonderful magazine. So, if nothing else I hope this blog post raises awareness and reminds you all to look out for Stylist magazine next Wednesday morning - you're sure to find it by the man screaming 'Stylist' at your nearest tube station!

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