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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Is Kate still cool?

Kate modelling in her newest Topshop range

Kate Moss has been in the public eye more than any other, primarily as a model, but now as a designer too. She continues to hold iconic status, but does she still deserve to be the centre of our attention?

May marks the introduction of her latest Topshop range - S/S '10. The collection harks back to the 1970s with a strong vintage vibe. Floral shirts and floaty maxi dresses dominate the range. Supposedly everything you need to look and feel like Kate Moss.

I went to check out the new Moss garments in Knightsbridge's very own Topshop store last week. I was disappointed (and thank God I was, I cannot afford any more clothes!) Nearly everything is made from synthetic materials - quite unpleasant for summer attire. I picked a few dresses to try on - although there weren't many under £80, and most were over £100, ridiculous considering the quality of the material.

The dresses failed to impress in the changing room too - they clung to my skin and were completely unflattering. Realisation hit - I would not be walking out of Topshop looking like Kate Moss today.

Kate Moss holds a lot of power with her name and image - it's a shame if young girls waste their money on this collection, it certainly isn't worth it.

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