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Friday, 6 January 2012

THOROUGHLY MODERN MINI: Slava's Snowshow, Royal Festival Hall

I always find the Southbank particularly beautiful and exciting around Christmas and this year is no exception. Slava’s Snowshow is just one of the many wintery delights that the Southbank has to offer.

My friend and I walked excited past a row of magical looking stalls and into the warm and bustling theatre of the Royal Festival Hall where we were met with a friendly atmosphere and the sound of jazzy music flowing through the building.

The auditorium was a flood of aquamarine, blue and turquoise light, only the beginning of what was to come.

The show begins with light cascading into smoke around the stage leaving only a melancholy clown wandering the stage wearing an oversized yet strangely fetching sun yellow all-in-one. The show consists of little talking, relying on music, colour, and overall sensory and visual wonder.

Some parts are subtly enticing such as a unique scene in which the clown works with a beautiful coloured ball on stage. The pitch black auditorium with one bright orange sphere floating delicately captivates the audience completely.

Other parts are eccentric or funny. It is a fantastic show thanks to these contrasts. There are sad moments, frightening moments, silent moments and moments where the whole audience both young and old were in hysterical laughter.

The best parts for me though would have to be the three large scale events which occur at climactic points. The audience gasped at the sight of a vast spider's web slowing descending, made from woven white thread, the giant web is pulled over the audience, by the audience.

I was situated near the back and watched as the web drew near, the look of wonder on people’s faces. Laughter murmured across the hall as people pulled the web over their heads. It was incredible that this can work in such a large audience - it was truly memorable.

This is the very reason I love going to plays, musicals and shows because when the whole audience is brought together, it is like nothing else. The show is a unique and extremely beautiful experience and it ends with giant inflatable balls of different colours floating above the audience. I was filled with joy as I and many other people rushed out of their seats to jump up and hit the massive spheres over the audience.

Snow fell from the ceiling and the show officially came to a close, although everyone continued to gaze in awe at the globes still suspended above their heads.

This show broke the boundaries of modern theatre and I urge you to catch it while it is still on.

Slava’s Snowshow continues until Sunday 8 January, 2012, book here.

Written by Thoroughly Modern Mini, Eloise Kenny-Ryder.

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  1. Super writing, Eloise! I'm going to see Slava tonight, and can't wait now I've read your review.