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Friday, 25 November 2011

Paolita, Dolci Follie lingerie Launch, The Ivy bar

I first saw the Dolci Follie designs at London Fashion Week where, even amongst all the designer stars, Simona Walters' cute collection stood out as being special. Last week I was invited to celebrate the launch of her new lingerie boutique in Notting Hill.

We arrived at the Ivy Bar; after being ticked off the extensive press list, we were whisked upstairs in a very swish lift and through various sophisticated rooms until we arrived at the allocated Dolci Follie party room. The posh venue was filled with glamorous ladies in heels, dressed to impress; a small gaggle of press photographers gathered around the catwalk ready to capture the action.

Unfortunately neither of us felt 100% (winter flu is on its way), so we regrettably declined the sparkling flutes of champagne and opted for water instead, already feeling rather less glamorous than our surrounding peers. Spotting an exciting stall setting up in the corner, we wandered over to see what all the fuss was about. Paperself were displaying hundreds of their Chinese inspired paper eyelashes and offered to adorn our eyes with them - we of course accepted, and came away fluttering, both choosing the delicate butterfly themed ones.

Before long it was time for the fashion show, and after some initial technical issues, the fun began. Staggeringly tall models appeared one by one, striding defiantly down the short catwalk showing off the amazingly intricate lingerie collection. The lingerie is stunning and you could tell everyone was impressed - I saw several girls pointing out which of the sets would be their dream underwear outfit. Using all the current trends (gothic, lace, velvet), Walters has created a range of mostly wearable lingerie that is undoubtably very now. My favourites were the frilly and flowery, brightly coloured sets of knickers and bras that arrived towards the end of the show, though if I had the nerve, I would love to wear the skimpier lace sets too.

Heading on to review a restaurant, we left promptly after the catwalk display, collecting our satin pink goodie bags on the way out. Inside were amazing black metal eye masks, identical to those worn by the models, Dolci Follie themed personalised chocolate bars and a catalogue of the newest collection.

Sultry, sassy, sexy and seductive, Simona Walter’s lingerie is too sensational to resist… I can’t wait to visit the Notting Hill store. Visit the website here.

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  1. Dear Milly,

    we look forward to welcoming you to our boutique.
    Dolci bye bye
    Simona, Dioulde' and Constance