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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Jones and Payne, hairdressers, Shoreditch

I arrived at Jones and Payne on a quiet Tuesday afternoon and was welcomed warmly into the boutique salon and offered a drink. I was a little overexcited to discover that my stylist for the afternoon was called Milly too, with the added bonus of spelling it the same way - with a "y" rather than the more common "ie"! We bonded over this momentarily before discussing what to do with my tired looking mop of hair. We decided on a tiny tidy-up trim and a wavy blowdry, Milly was very intuitive and seemed to understand exactly what I wanted straight away.
J&P has a charming inviting atmosphere with a decorative style inspired by English Heritage Interiors with wooden floors, vintage furnishings, period chandeliers and pretty pale blue walls.
I was taken downstairs for a luxurious hair wash and head massage (my absolute favourite part about coming to hairdressers!). The stylist asked specifically about my hair type to ensure he used the most suitable kind of Kerastase shampoo and conditioner and then gave me an ultra relaxing head rub that almost sent me to sleep!
Milly efficiently trimmed my hair while chatting to me about life in London and our different interests. The blow dry was a special treat for me as my hair rarely gets pampered at home. Lack of time and expertise means I most often leave my hair to dry naturally and the transformation after Milly's handywork definitely inspired me to make more effort with hairstyling in future. She used a small rounded brush to carefully create loose curls, scruffing them up slightly to create a styled casual look, then holding the shape with some lovely smelling Shu Eumura products.
The following day I was still getting comments on the glossy condition and chic styling of my hair... I just wish I could visit Jones and Payne every time I need a blow dry, it is amazing what a difference it makes to your appearance.
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