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Monday, 14 November 2011

Hot on the Highstreet Week 77 - VERSACE for H & M

Versace for H&M is on its way and I can hardly contain my excitement for what is sure to be the hottest collaboration ever. Versace is one of those brands, you either love it or hate it.

While in Edinburgh a few weeks ago, I found an amazing Versace lime green two piece suit in an overcrowded vintage shop. The suit was tucked away unnoticed amongst hundreds of eccentric garments. Priced at only £22 for jacket and skirt, I couldn't quite believe my luck and thought there must have been some mistake with the pricing. Despite being several sizes too big I had to get it, I asked the shop assistant when paying, "Why is it so cheap? It's Versace!" She replied "because it’s Versace, we loathe Versace!" So there you have it... It now hangs in my room awaiting some essential tailoring.

Back to H&M and their electrifying, bright and fun collaboration: a rare chance to get yourselves a piece of Versace, especially exciting considering the recent restyle of retro patterned Versace silk shirts, and Absolutely Fabulous style puffer jackets. Donatella Versace aimed to bring all the vitality and life of the full price fashion house to the highstreet range, and looking at the previews I think she has definitely succeeded.

Prices range from £20 for gorgeous, very wearable silk scarfs to £100 plus for leather and silk dresses. My favourite garments are those that feature the inimitable Versace patterns, neon tropical and wacky animal prints. There are some great leather jackets available too: cropped, tailored and padded to flatter the figure with extra studding to give the biker chic look. The range is typical Versace - colour, pattern, tailoring, and most importantly an element of fashion fun.

Versace for H&M hits stores at 9am on 17th November, I’m considering taking the day off work to ensure I get a piece of the action. View the collection here.

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