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Friday, 23 September 2011

Pink Runway cocktail, with Pink Pigeon at CIRCUS

LFW has seen a week of celebrations and parties; on Friday I was invited to Circus in Covent Garden to try the extra special LFW Pink Pigeon cocktail. The venue is super exclusive and mimics the speakeasy bars of the prohibition to be found in New York. Initially we walked straight past, there is no sign or obvious entrance just a very inconspicuous brown door. Despite its plain exterior, Circus isn’t afraid of being in the spotlight and is often featured on TV, most recently in The Apprentice, when the winning team were treated to a special performance here.

I was amazed by the interior's glitz and glamour - it is an expansive space decorated luxuriously. Sequins flicker on the walls and silver balls dangle from the ceiling. In the main room a huge banquet table stands at which special guests may dine and for the extravagant acts to perform on, and around. We managed to catch one of the nine shows of the night, a talented and cheeky hula hoop dancer showing off his skills while stripping for the giddy audience.

The cocktail of the moment, named the Pink Runway and priced at £9.50, is made from Pink Pigeon Rum with chilli, grenadine, lime juice, pineapple juice & topped with ginger beer. It has been created specially for the trendy LFW crowd. Ten per cent of sales go directly to the Ethical Fashion Forum, a non profit organisation dedicated to the cause of a sustainable future for fashion. It is certainly a grown up drink with a warm vanilla taste from the sweet infused rum along with a fierce kick from the chilli and ginger beer. The lovely chief mixologist, who created this cocktail himself, came over to chat and talk about the different components and the art of cocktail making. He gave us a taster of the Pink Pigeon neat encouraging us to identify the flavours, which we got all wrong until prompted with the right answer, vanilla! We were also offered a delicious coconut and mango pudding to share while we watched the show.

This trip was a wonderful introductory taste of this lavish venue; I hope to return to Circus soon to report fully on the unique cocktails, exciting food menu and adventurous performing acts... watch this space!

Visit CIRCUS website here.

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