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Monday, 26 September 2011

Hot on the Highstreet Week 70

To call Alexa Chung’s newest collection for Madewell ‘sought after’ is an understatement, the US website crashed when the items went live because of the purchasing onslaught. The Americans clearly love our British fashionista as much as we do - this is the second collaboration between Madewell and Chung and everything is selling out fast.

The campaign was shot in Austin, Texas because of its Deep South landscape and "roadtrip feel”. The collection has a laid back but pretty look, and includes high waisted leather mini skirts, silk pyjamas, and even a coat inspired by the bin men in the UK. I particularly love the palm tree print, blue and brown dress that Chung wore to the opening paired with the sassy suede jacket and amazing leopard print booties.

At the launch party in LA, Alexa wasn’t the only celeb wearing her designs, Elle Fanning and Dianne Agron were also publicising the brand with their cute outfits. I browsed through the collection on the website and would happily add every single piece to my wardrobe, only problem is... it’s only available in America (or on the US website) so postage is a fortune and it’s pretty difficult to try on and send back.

There are so many girls out there who dream of possessing the secret to Alexa Chung’s style, I know I’ve been envious at times, well now here’s your chance to own a little bit of Chung charm.

Visit the Madewell website and see Alexa’s collection here.

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