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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Les Deux Salons Restaurant

Les Deux Salons is part of the same family of restaurants as Arbutus and Wild Honey (both awarded with Michelin stars). This restaurant has a more relaxed feel though with a menu that isn’t as rich and daring as the choices I saw at Arbutus.

I received an email a few mornings ago advertising their £15.50 pre-theatre three course menu - surprised at the value I phoned up and booked immediately. To be found just round the corner from the Colliseum, the location is ideal for a visit before a show, just a short walk from Shaftesbury Avenue and the rest of London’s West End. Les Deux Salons opened quite recently and calls itself a French Brasserie, traditional and spacious with an amazing mosaic floor. The interior struck me at once as being very French, very similar design and decor to Chartier, the extra cheap canteen eatery I fell in love with while visiting Paris last year.

The a la carte menu is detailed and varied with a great deal of choice, I even spotted a cheeseburger on there. With main courses costing £15 - £25 we decided the set menu was definitely the most sensible use of our money.


Farmhouse Country Terrine
Vegetable Minestrone
Cornish Mullet, Smoked Eel Risotto
Italian Sausages, Puy Lentils, Seasonal Vegetables
Blackberry & Vanilla Cheesecake Renverse

3 courses £15.50

After feasting on so many successful set menus recently, I had high hopes for Les Deux Salons. From the first glance you can see this menu is simple with no fuss – food for the everyman. Aside from the very crusty bread brought to our table, my choices (minestrone and then sausages) were served with no carbohydrates, making the meal light but wholesome.

The food had good flavour, and used ingredients that were fresh and in season; however I felt disappointed that it wasn’t more special, this I realise is the difference between an establishment with star quality and a place that is quite simply a good restaurant, if that makes sense. I guess for such a bargain price you can’t expect caviar.

The dessert was divine and I polished off every last crumb. With all the components of a cheesecake, but in reverse; cream cheese mousse on the bottom, a fruity compote and crumbled biscuit on top, it worked really well.

Three course meal for two for well under £35 all inclusive. Excellent value set menu, but you can tell that it is the cheaper option, if I go again I’ll be trying the a la carte.
Visit the website and book here.


  1. I love the tiling on the floors and the food sounds delicious.I would definitely try that cheesecake :)

  2. I'm definitely going there after reading your psot. I was hesitant before because I didn't love the atmosphere at Arbutus, but I think this looks fantastic. Thanks for the reco xxx LZ

  3. Hi Milly,
    You definitely seem on my wavelength !! Food, theatre and fun and....London is the BEST city in the world, isn't it ? I must check out all of these restaurants !! XXXX

  4. Hi Milly, thanks for checking out my blog, could not find your giveaway sadly, must have missed it, but great blog so worth poping in.I loved your rant on natural fibres, I'm a stylist and believe the right fabric makes a vast difference to looking good in our clothes. You don't need a ton of accessories and bling if the quality of what you wear is there! Sharon xx

  5. Wow, sounds wonderful and I like the decor.

  6. Mmmmmm, I wish I could visit that place soon!

    Kisses and hugs,
    Froso from Style Nirvana.

  7. I wish I could visit.. yum...