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Monday, 13 June 2011

Hot on the Highstreet Week 55

No-one believed she could do it when Lily Allen opened her very own vintage boutique, ‘Lucy in Disguise’ with half sister Sarah Owen. Eight months later, not only is the shop a resounding triumph but the sisters are now launching their debut 18-piece fashion range, a collection of unique vintage style garments.

The new capsule collection is named ‘Treasure Chest’ and features outfits from different eras including Sixties influenced maxi dresses, Seventies jumpsuits and an Eighties ra-ra skirt. I particularly like the long floaty floral dresses and the fun nautical swimsuit. It seems Lily is on a roll – she says the pair are currently working on their fourth collection... she has certainly come a long way since her early pop star hi-top trainers and prom dress days. She chose Delphine Manivet to design her wedding dress.

I’ve visited Lucy in Disguise and completely adore the store. Rails line the walls dripping with the most divine vintage finds. Downstairs there is a vodka bar, a VIP area and a wonderful little retro hair salon and WAH nails area, what more could you need? So even if you can’t afford the perfectly picked vintage gems or the beautiful new range pieces, it is worth going to see the shop and get your nails done.

The collection is available at Harvey Nichols and at Lucy in Disguise from 6 June, with prices starting at £140.


  1. There's a vodka bar? How come nobody told me about that when I was there?? Admittedly this was on my 16th birthday but still... :D

  2. You got me at vodka bar and hair salon :)