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Monday, 6 June 2011

Hot on the Highstreet Week 54

Have you heard about the secret pop up shop in Topshop? It seems it is not such a coveted secret anymore, everyone in the fashion world is blurting out the news! The secret store is housed inside the flagship store at Oxford Circus, as well as in New York and online.

The beautifully decorated colourful space is a treasure trove full of one-off goodies from designers known and obscure. Gems, lace, beads and trinkets litter the place so there is plenty to look at and try on. Topshop Boutique designs that never made it to production hang delicately on hangers, looking absolutely dreamy.

The concept was thought up by designers Meadham and Kirchoff, a wacky fashion pair who are familiar Topshop collaborators. I particularly love the wildly eccentric limited edition headdress made by Nasir Mahdar that you can see a picture of above. Other designers include Maria Francesca Pepe and Pamela Love.

This tiny shop inside a shop is hard to spot, disguised on the exterior by stunning flower decorations from fancy florists ‘Wild at Heart’. Look carefully enough and you will discover a door that leads to the magic emporium, just like C.S Lewis’ fairytale wardrobe.

Prices range from £50-350, the temporary Secret Store is only open til Thursday 9 June. Visit website here.


  1. Sounds so dreamy . I can't wait to browse online :)

  2. I loved the secret online shop, but I wish I could see it in person! It sounds like such a cute idea!