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Monday, 2 May 2011

Hot on the Highstreet Week 49... PAMELA LOVE for TOPSHOP

Spring seems to welcome new collaborations, and this year is no exception... I’ve seen several exciting pairings in the pipeline, and one in particular that is whetting my appetite for accessories.

New York based designer Pamela Love is teaming up with Topshop to bring us an affordable range of her designs. Like much of her work, the jewellery will be big, bold and beautiful with a powerful tribal feel but also a feminine twist catering for the stylish Topshop girl. Love said recently that much of her inspiration for the collection comes from the adornment seen in Africa and India and the native American culture - a vibe that is clear in her pieces. Pamela Love founded her eponymous label in 2007, starting the business in the basement of her flat. She quickly built up a fan base, and has since collaborated with many inspiring designers.

I have always lusted after the Pamela Love claw bracelets known as the talon cuff, these gothic pieces are often seen on famous fashionista's wrists, and sell out as soon as stock is replenished. Unfortunately with a price tag of $1000 upwards, they are a little out of my reach, so I am hoping to get a little bit of Love to wear from Topshop instead.The designer herself has told Grazia that her favourite piece in this inaugural collection is the wonderfully boho dream catcher earrings, with big feathers and beads, they would bring a touch of fun to any summer outfit. They reflect her interest in magic and folk tradition. I love the historic feel to the Topshop range and am particularly keen on the big heart pendant necklace.

Be sure to get your hands on a piece before the celebs snatch them all up.

The collection will be hitting stores on May 19th with prices starting at £50.


  1. amazing post, I love these items! <3

    Btw, I like your blog, could we follow each other?

  2. Fab collaboration :) Those feathers look adorable!