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Monday, 4 April 2011

Hot on the Highstreet Week 45


M&S - £9.50

Wolford tights are my everyday luxury. Working in an office means I need to look smart on a daily basis, though comfort is also essential. I’m really not a trousers kinda girl, I never even wear jeans, and so good tights really are a necessity. A few years ago I found Wolford’s Velvet de Luxe and have never looked back: silky and smooth, uber comfortable, these tights are heaven on your legs, and lasting a year or so, are worth every penny of the £18 pricetag.

Aside from their standard collection, Wolford bring us amazing luxury and pattern tights every season. These beautiful leg adornments sadly come at a higher cost, some even reach £50... for a pair of tights! Celebrity girls are regularly seen sporting the latest design and often Wolford sell out almost instantly if a pair has been caught on some famous pins. Cheryl Cole has recently been seen in the striking ‘hero’ tights that have a cool bondage style pattern.

For my last birthday, my super trendy grandfather bought me a pair of the hero tights... he has a sixth sense about fashion. They are beautifully made, cunningly interwoven ribbons create an incredible pattern that slashes diagonally across your legs - unique and flattering to natural curves. The tights come in two colourways: nude and black, or black and black. I received the nude variety which are more eccentric and incidentally now completely sold out; they are priced at £33. I wore them first for my exciting lunch at DINNER, and they certainly wow-ed everyone around me, but they laddered within half a day of wearing them. I was absolutely furious with myself but also upset with Wolford’s unreliability.

So I’m afraid now I’m going to be a bit treacherous, and tell you about an impressive cheaper alternative to Wolford. M&S are currently excelling with their wide range of exciting tights. The Autograph Sheer Bandage tights are very similar to Wolford’s ‘hero’ pair, and at £9.50 are less than a third of the price. There are some other brilliant designs to see in their newest collection too, including the white lace pair that I have included a photo of above. At least if the M&S ones snag it isn’t £30 down the drain.


  1. that was interesting - thanks! Will wait for next visit to UK and go to M&S though I think! K x

  2. these are so cute and cool! totally want some!

  3. I love these tights, and I love how in fashion they are at the moment. They can totally change an outfit.
    Sami xx

  4. I just discovered your blog and I love amazing are these tights...I wonder if it will make your bum look as good as the models??(wishful thinking) xxx

  5. Much better Bandage tights available from New Look.