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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Singing at Zizzi Restaurant

Lemon Golf Club was the name we decided on as a temporary title for our little jazz band, though there were many other possibilities. We were offered our first gig at Zizzi Restaurant and with the three of us all super busy rushed to confirm these minor details.

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts the newest branch of the Zizzi Restaurant empire at St Giles is striving to become known, not just for its delectable pizzas, but also as a happening jazz venue. Every Thursday host Becki Biggins introduces a young artist or artists, who then perform as the restaurant fills up - light entertainment for the diners, great experience for young musicians. It is a brilliant idea, and one that is already gathering momentum - when we played there last week, every table in the expansive room was full.

My band, Mark Ellen, John Butler and I prepared a set of five songs for the Zizzi crowd. A mixture of old blues and jazz classics like ‘Is you is or is you ain’t my baby?’ and 'Ain’t Misbehavin’'. We sat in our usual trio formation with a group of loyal family and friends surrounding us as we played; there was a lovely atmosphere and it felt wonderful to be sharing our music with others. I found it a little daunting using an unfamiliar microphone, I’m so used to belting out without any amplification. The compliments afterwards assured me that the microphone had improved my performance despite my niggling worries; hopefully next time it will feel a little more natural. The talented guitarists on either side of me put on a great show, both showing real flair in their solos, unique improvisations I am still in awe of.

Afterwards we were treated to a hearty meal and some much needed wine. If music be the food of love, sing on, and this we did. Here’s to the next Lemon Golf Club gig... bring it on!


  1. Thank you! really great blog, I'm following!

  2. Well that is a swanky place to perform! The restaurant is beautiful. I wish I could have seen the show!

  3. wow, you sure had fun :)

    and i like your blog background.

  4. Hey there Milly,

    Thanks for stopping by doll. This sounds exciting, playing at Zizzi... God i miss Zizzi!!! Ok, I miss a lot of places in London too!

    Like Ronnie Scotts - you'll love it there, maybe one day you'll perform there too? My fave used to be watching the Soul Family+ Natalie Williams.


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  6. Just came across your blog and am a huge fan now!!

  7. I love the way that the Zizzi locations are striving to set themselves apart from their competitors by hosting live music and getting local artists involved in redesigning their decor. That and the amazing pizzas really does set Zizzi apart from most high street chains.