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Monday, 31 January 2011

Hot on the Highstreet Week 36

To reward myself for not buying a piece of clothing since imposing my shopping ban, I have allowed myself one little treat... a pair of the "Henry Holland for Pretty Polly Super Suspender Tights", quite a title isn’t it?!

I first saw these sassy tights featured on a blog a few weeks ago... and have desired them ever since. They are a hassle free way to create that sexy suspender look, can be worn as orthodox black tights if worn with a longer skirt or dress, or reveal a little more leg and patterning with a shorter outfit.

Henry Holland has always been a bold designer, pairing up with crazy model starlet Agnes Deyn and creating 80’s inspired t-shirts with catchphrases such as ‘I’ll tell you who’s boss, Kate Moss’. More recently he has joined forces with tights brand Pretty Polly, and their collaborative legwear has been a hit from the start. Last year he brought out some fabulous alphabet tights that were very popular; for 2011 he seems to be branching out into more illusionistic tights.
These Super Suspender tights are made from strong 40/20 denier with a reinforced toe, and a nice matt finish. The price isn’t too painful at £12 a pair; you can buy them here.

It is also worth checking out the Figleaves website where they have some other funky HH tights in their sale for just £2!


  1. wow i love these tights they would look so great with a frilly white mini dress so edgy!

  2. I love suspender tights! love your style and love your blog! please follow my blog! x

  3. Those are awesome!! I want a pair!!

  4. WTH? Only for2pounds? AAAH, i'm so jealous!!

  5. I actually have a dress I can wear with something like that but I could never pull it off :(

  6. Aahh, i want a pair! They are lovely!
    Thanks for following my blog, i'm following yours!! You have a great blog ;)

  7. I love those suspender tights! How cute!

  8. waaah I need a pair asap!! I actually have been looking for this kind of tights for a while, I know ASOS has great ones but I think these ones are waaay prettier :) And the price is smart too :p


  9. Aww, those super suspenders thighs are genius creations.

    Thanks you for visiting my page and leaving such lovely comments. I really appreciate it. I have added you to my blog roll list.

    p/s: I see that you previously studied in Manchester and now reside in London. Lucky you. These are two of my favourite shopping cities. (in my humble opinion-two of the best shopping heaven)
    (aka Squeeze The Pug)

  10. Thanks a lot!

    btw: cute blog!
    and thanks for following