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Monday, 24 January 2011

Hot on the Highstreet Week 35

Something a little different this week... I am currently having a bit of a detox from shopping. After a few stints in the sales, I feel my bank account needs a bit of a break. To prevent the tempting lunchtime buying trips I have joined the gym: here’s to being fitter and richer in 2011!

No-one feels like wearing the same outfits constantly, so in order to spruce up those items from last season a bit of DIY haberdashery is in order. There are a few bloggers out there, who have great posts about their inventive DIY-ing... and I am inspired to have a go.

Sewing machines can cost, a small fortune, especially the lovely Singer machines. But despair not, I have found this adorable machine in John Lewis at a more manageable price. £50 can buy you one of these little pet sewing machines; as you can see from the pictures they come in a variety of crayon colours. Along with the purple and red I have see one in bright green too. I couldn’t help dreaming about how picturesque my bedroom would look in summer with this machine sitting on my desk. It features 2 needle positions, drop-in bobbin, and free arm for adjusting cuffs and trousers. It also has a double presser foot and push lever reverse. They recommend use for light/medium fabrics only.

Therefore my advice to you is - avoid the sales, this year’s bargains will only end up in January 2012’s charity pile. Instead give into your domestic side with this cute little sewing machine, and get creative transforming your wardrobe today.

Buy here while stocks last.


  1. I was given the purple one of these for Christmas, it's so amazing and it looks wicked in my room.

    Freast xxx

  2. I got the red one for Christmas and am so happy with it so far, even if I haven't actually made anything...

    Rosie x

  3. I had one of these for my birthday but have yet to use it...I think I be may inspired to have a go now though, my bank balance could definatley do with a break from my obsession with dresses and jewellery, I never quite manage to resist! :) X

  4. Now that is a cutie!!! Need to do a course or whatever so i can finally buy one!

    I follow :)


  5. what a cute machines!
    and thankyou so much for your comment<3