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Monday, 25 July 2011

Hot on the Highstreet Week 61

When I first started blogging, my dad tore from the Times a Caitlin Moran column for me to read, as inspiration and as “the best female columnist out there”. When I finally got round to reading it, now a crumpled scrap at the bottom of my bag, I found her words to be funny, truthful and brave, expressing the type of things women think but never say out loud.

When I begrudgingly gave in to Twitter, Caitlin Moran was one of the first cyber people I followed. And for all you twitterers who don’t follow her, I can assure you she is quite a day and night entertainer, tweeting her thoughts and musings round the clock. She certainly puts some bold, rather daring statements out there, and seems to have a naughty streak in her personality as well as in her hair!

It has been a good year for Moran, she won a British press award for her interview with Lady Gaga, and now her new book ‘How to be a Woman’ has rocketed to success. The book is part memoir part discussion, all the while tackling the tricky topic of modern feminism. Her writing has certainly come on since the novel she wrote at fifteen: ‘The Chronicles of Narmo’. The powerful handbook, ‘How to be a Woman’ has deservedly become my first literary hot on the highstreet, a wise but hilarious book, likely to inspire and empower women everywhere.

I’ve only just started the book, and I am already addicted.

Buy your copy for £6.83 here.

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